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Collectable rating of the Colonial Knife brand is listed as “VERY GOOD”
by The Standard Knife Collectors Guide, Third Edition, Identification & Values
by Roy Ritchie and Ron Stewart.

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  • Blackie Collins Signature Series

    Blackie Collins Knives
  • Switchbaldes

    Switchblade Series
  • Spring Assisted Knives- Quick Flick™ Series

    Quick Flick Series
  • Blackie Collins Signature Series

    Blackie Collins Knives
  • Switchblades

    Switchblade Series
  • Quick Flick Series

    Quick Flick Series
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Colonial Knife Since 1926

4 Generations Strong

Colonial knife manufactures Bushcraft knives; machetes; flashlights; throwing knives; tomahawks; switchblades; Blackie Collins spring assisted designed "Quick Flick" and switchblade knives, tactical automatic knives. Colonial Knife introduced World War Z style Zombie killing tools, wilderness and urban survival kits.